Heather Moyer is a self taught artist, who creates colorful, whimsical pieces inspired by Mother Nature. She is constantly pushing the limits of her skills and enjoys exploring many forms of art and media. She began her art journey with painting terra cotta pottery that she sold along with cacti and succulents on the Drag in Austin, TX. She also made jewelry during this time and enjoyed being a vendor and learning how to be a self employed artist from others at the artist markets. She enjoyed the work, but needed to have more stable income so she took a job as a nanny for the Denefe Family. After a while, Mrs. Denefe asked Heather to paint a mural in her son’s bedroom. She noticed that Heather would draw for the children, and they liked her drawings. Mrs. Denefe asked Heather to try painting a mural from her favorite children’s book in her youngest son’s nursery, even though Heather had never considered painting walls. After some encouragement, Heather decided to give it a try. Heather discovered that she could paint murals, and that she loved the work! This moment is when she started expanding her horizons in the art world and found a way to make a living doing something that she loved.  Heather credits her career as a successful artist to the loving support and encouragement of the entire Denefe Family. Heather thrived in this line of work as she loved the relative solitude, the challenges of creating magical spaces and the way she could get lost in her own mind and thoughts as she painted.  She continued to paint murals for the Denefe family, one for the older son’s bedroom and the boy’s bathrooms. Heather was still working as a nanny, but came to paint on her days off and weekends, and the family let her have free reign and creative control of the murals they requested. Mr. and Mrs. Denefe showed off her work and even hosted an art show in their beautiful home for Heather, where their friends and neighbors could see the work she was doing including some drawings, pottery, jewelry and the murals. Soon, other people were requesting murals. With time and practice Heather became faster, and started adding special touches to her work. She stayed busy and kept a continuous schedule painting murals.. She gave up pottery painting and jewelry making and dove into other painting techniques. She studied many forms of faux finishing and added those skills to her mural business. She spent many years specialty painting all around Central and North Texas. She painted private homes, model homes, business offices, churches, restaurants, walls, doors and even painted part of an art car.

When she was 35 years old, she gave birth to her first and only child.  Heather thought long and hard about what she wanted to do at this point, knowing that big changes were happening and she needed to go with the flow of her life. She wanted to stay home and spend time with her child yet still needed to follow her muse and create art. This is when she started painting on canvases. The paintings kept coming, and people were buying them! She started vending her art and worked in art markets, sold work through consignment, joined artist guilds and art groups and showed work in Texas galleries. Heather has explored many media throughout the years and continues to expand her body of work. Some of the media she has dabbled in is photography, acrylic painting, mixed media, colored pencils, watercolor, jewelry making, ink work, working with various clays, wire sculpture, making sun catchers and dream catchers and glass painting. For a few years she also painted holiday decorations on business windows for extra holiday money. Heather worked hard to improve her skills and always worked with high standards for herself. This paid off in having loyal collectors and clients who have continued to purchase her art through the years. Heather Moyer has evolved her own style throughout her career in art.

Heather has also experienced many changes and continuously adapts to life’s challenges. One of the biggest changes happened this summer.  Heather and her husband and daughter moved from Central Texas to Central Oregon. Heather has embraced the changes and is continuously inspired by her new surroundings. Mother Nature has always been her greatest muse, and she avidly explores her surroundings. She channels her experiences through her latest pieces of art. Most have been mixed media featuring Central Oregon trees, lava flows, mountains and animals as well as the changing seasons. She creates 2 dimensional canvases full of movement and texture. Heather continues to learn new skills working with inks and fiber arts. Her newer finished pieces are only available as originals, though you can find some of her older work available as prints and note card reproductions. Her current work is selling quickly and she is working towards the goal of having her own gallery space one day. Heather Moyer has stayed focused and followed her dreams of moving to Oregon and is excited about what this new chapter of her life will bring. Starting over isn’t always easy, but she is inspired, driven and up for the challenge of making a name for herself and her work in the Pacific Northwest. The journey is far from over.

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