Heather Moyer is a self taught artist who creates colorful, whimsical pieces inspired by Mother Nature. She is constantly pushing the limits of her skills and enjoys exploring many forms of art and media. Heather has continuously evolved her own style throughout her career in art. She has experienced many life and artistic changes over the years and has found inspiration in every stage and challenge. The most recent stage of life was her family’s relocation from Central Texas to Central Oregon in the summer of 2018. Heather Moyer has enthusiastically embraced the changes and is continuously inspired by her new surroundings.

Mother Nature has always been her greatest muse, and she avidly explores her surroundings. She channels her experiences exploring the Pacific Northwest through her latest pieces of art. Most have been mixed media featuring Central Oregon trees, lava flows, mountains, skies and animals as well as the changing seasons. 
Heather creates 3 dimensional canvases full of movement and texture. She works diligently to improve her skills with each piece and always works with high personal standards. She continues to experiment with different media and enjoys learning through experimental creative play. Heather Moyer has stayed focused throughout her life and followed her long held dreams of moving to Oregon. She and her family are excited about what this new chapter of life brings. Starting over isn’t always easy, but Heather Moyer is inspired, driven and up for the challenge of creating authentic work reflective of her life in the Pacific Northwest. 

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